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Access and Accountability

Once elected, Geoff is committed to holding frequent public informational and listening sessions across the district. He won’t shy away from looking constituents in the eye to explain his votes. Geoff understands that the only way to learn what needs to be changed in Jackson County is to hear it first hand from the people.  Every single government employee must be accountable to the taxpayers and Geoff will be their advocate every single day. Regular office hours and community meetings to hear directly from residents of the district have historically been uncommon among county legislators but will be a staple of Geoff's service.

Basic Services

Jackson County is a beautiful place to live, work and play but it takes responsible government services to keep it that way.  Our county has a lot to offer for our neighbors but we must always be working to make the things we need more efficient and safe for the future. Restoring and maintaining parks in the city, ease in getting questions answered, helping your business expand and more are critical parts of seeing your tax dollars at work in the county.

Keeping Government Contracts Local

One of the most alarming things Geoff has learned about Jackson County government is how much money gets sent out of the region through contracts with businesses. Whenever possible, he wants to keep our taxpayer's money in our own community. Geoff will reach out to local businesses that can make competitive bids on county projects so we can keep our neighbors employed and the money we spend stays in our own back yard.

Long-term Planning

Jackson County needs to be a community that serves us all today but keeps an eye on tomorrow.  Long term projects like utilizing existing rail and bus lines for public transportation, partnerships with employers and improving infrastructure need to be a bigger part of the public conversation and ultimately committed to or we risk falling behind other areas of the country.  Geoff will approach every vote and every debate asking how this will make our county better for the next generation. His years of relationship building with municipal, county, state, and federal government will allow us to break a “silo mentality” and allow our greater community to thrive for many years to come.

Property Taxes

The most common issue that Geoff has heard about during this campaign is the jump in property taxes in recent years. He is the only candidate who has articulated a solid plan to address this:

  • Hire more staff in the county assessor's department to perform drive by evaluations of property so tax assessment can be accurate and equitable.

  • Allow all property owners the option of paying their taxes on a quarterly payment plan without penalty or interest.

  • Modernize the appeal process for those who contest the assessed taxes on their property.

  • Work with other counties to change state laws and allow Jackson County to set our own rules on payment of delinquent taxes.

Public Safety

From testing and prevention through our health department to law enforcement, Jackson County plays a critical role in making our community a safe one regardless of which city we call home.  These departments need resources but are not exempt from critical evaluation.  Geoff will look to similar communities across the country to find best practices in how citizen driven, progressive government can best work with law enforcement to keep our neighborhoods safe without overreach.  As a father, husband, neighbor and advocate Geoff will look at all areas of safety to make our county a model for the surrounding area.

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